Alma Spa & Beauty

Just a step away from a dream

Our Alma Spa resembles an idyllic daydream: a dive into the most absolute wellness, surrounded only by silence and by soft fragrances. The most surprising thing is that all this is not a dream at all.

Energy for body and spirit

Fitness with a view

If you love keeping fit while on holiday, our outdoor fitness area always ensures you the right amount of energy. The spectacular sea of the Amalfi Coast all around, encourages even the laziest among us to enjoy long fitness sessions... and the view is just the beginning.

Private dinner on the terrace

With your own personal waiter

Just you and your beloved lit by the glow of a single candle. Below you, the taste of the sea and hints of the real Campania, crowned by the beautiful Positano Bay.

Welcome to dinner on your terrace at the Hotel Le Agavi.

Beauty in all its dimensions

We take care of your well-being, your physical form and your good spirits. Is it not true that we are never happier than when we feel more beautiful? The Alma Spa & Beauty contains a welcoming haven in which, thanks to expert professionals and top-quality products, you will be able to shine in all your beauty.

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